Oyabia/Rabesi water pump restored

It was a joyous moment for David Max Ibwasa seeing him with full smile while pumping the water for himself. Couple of days ago he was carrying little containers to fetch water for his family but now the pump has made life easier for him coz its just few meters away from his house.

Thanks to the social media for making it possible for our lovely friends  from afar to react positively to help us. I and the Oyabia and Rabesi community want to send our sincere gratitude to CFK team and Jodi Lawton from Aussie and Toks Bwaina from Pom with the local team here in Trobs for putting things together for our pump to function.

Thank you all so much. Kamatokisi.

From Enos Enos, from Rabesi Village, thanking CFK on behalf of Oyabia/Rabesi people.

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Update – Friday 19th Nov 2021: Oyabia/Rabesi water pump was out of service yesterday due to broken part. I called Koega last night and today he went to Oyabia to restore the water pump.

Now the water pump is back to operation. Oyabia/Rabesi people convey their heartfelt appreciation and thank you to CFK.

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