So much love in the room!

Whilst we have been locked down our wonderful knitters and sewers have been busy creating bags and bags of donations to send over and we have now had an opportunity to dispatch them. Hopefully they will arrive in time for Christmas :). Thank you so much to Sandy (Pictured), Michele and our wonderful Belrose and Irish knitters.

Packed up and sent on Saturday in this first dispatch (1 of 2) which was made up of 6 boxes.


For VBA’s:

  • 124 New born baby Beanies (With love from Carmel in Ireland)
  • 166 Mothers and babies beanies and one scarf (With love from the Belrose knitters and another local knitter)
  • 30 knitted baby jumpers (With love from the Belrose knitters)
  • 9 headlamps with three extra batteries each
  • 12 stunning little hand sewn girls dresses (With love from Michele)
  • 1,500 soaps

    For Health Care worker:
  • 2,500 Panadol tablets

    For Schools:
  • 100 multi-coloured pens (4 colours each)
  • 48 pencils and 40 sharpeners
  • 30 Dignity Kits
  • 10 school backpacks

Off they go… yippee!!!! thank you to all our sponsors and donors for making all this possible!

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