URGENT CALL for A Type blood donors to go to Port Moresby General Hospital to aid 25 year old Kiriwinan shark attack victim.

A 25 year old boy named, Ilai Kauyola Tobitam from Kavataria Village, Trobriand Islands, was bitten by shark on Saturday 28  August 2021, while diving for fish in the waters between the mainland Kiriwina and Muwa Island. The shark bit the boy at his left buttock and between his abdomen and pelvic. The boy was medivac to Port Moresby General Hospital on Monday 30 August 2021 due to loss of blood.

The boy was admitted to the Emergency ward upon arrival and was later re-located to ward 2A awaiting for surgery. Currently, the patient is low in blood and cannot be taken in for surgery. 

Yesterday, five people from Trobriand Islands donated blood and if anyone is willing to donate more blood to help the patient to increase his blood to a reasonable level to enable him for admission into surgery.

Any person willing to donate blood can go to Port Moresby General Hospital blood bank section to donate blood. Ilai Kauyola Tobitam is in ward 2A bed 5. Banasi from Silaketa is in the Blood Transmission Division.

Your prayers and thoughts of best wishes for speedy recovery is much appreciated.”

Written by Toks Bwaina

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