Water Project Testimonial No. 3 – CFK VBA Joyce from Bukawelaka Village

Video 3 – Appeal for a water pump

My name is Joyce and my husband’s name is Melivala. I am from Buduwelaka village (village situated at end of Trobriand airport runway). Our problem is sourcing good water. We walk long distances to fetch water. In the past a pump was installed (by European Union), however, the pump is no longer functioning and we cannot afford to repair the pump. We have gone five years back facing same problems in the past of sourcing good and clean water for drinking. For this reason my community is in desperate need of good clean water to help the people and children. My appeal now is for a water pump to be installed to help my community. The distance we walk to fetch water is approximately 20 – 30 kilometers. The population is approximately 200 people. I given my consent for my photo and this video to be viewed by viewers. Thank you.

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