We are overjoyed by the show of support at our recent Afternoon Tea for VHV’s


Nessie’s greatest supporter Andrew Sweeney, what a hubby and friend and CFK supporter Lea Dawson, happy with her clothing swap.

CFK supporters intently listening to Nessie’s speech.

A huge thank you to over 60 gorgeous people who came along on Sunday to support our work in Kiriwina, and to those who couldn’t make it but have donated via the website.

It means so much to Jodi and I that we can share our experience, and our work with the women on the island. We will also share with them the love and support that you have all shown.

We are off early Sunday morning, looking forward to a successful trip, we have lots to do!

With all my love and thanks


Jodi would also like to apologise for her choice of attire on the day, she now understands that the pattern had the potential to cause elliptic fits. Luckily no one was harmed by her lack of judgement and the top has been removed from her wardrobe. She should have taken the opportunity to do a swap on the day.



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