Video 2 – Kenobasi Water Pump

Video 2: Belinda Dobuya – Kenobasi Water Pump

My name is Belinda Dobuya. I live in Kiriwina in a ward called Okaikoda ward. I serve two community wards namely Okaikoda ward and Obowada ward. Alright in 2005, oh no. In 1995, I started the work of a VBA, however, I had a serious problem of sourcing clean water to wash the new born babies and clean drinking water for the mothers. In 2018 I was relieved when CFK through the country manager Toks who have mobilized all the VBA’s on Kiriwina to work together as a team. The CFK installed the pump in my village which has helped and improved the standard of life of the new born babies and their mothers. However, the water was a high demand for the entire community and the whole community used the water pump for drinking and cooking. Now the pump is no longer in operation and I am making a desperate appeal for a better pump to be installed and can last longer to serve the new born babies, mothers and the community as a whole as source of water in this part of Kiriwina Island is scarce and difficult to obtain. I give my consent for my photo and this video to be viewed by viewers.

Belinda Dobuya – Kenobasi Water Pump

CFK is committed to fixing these issues, in the shorter term replacing the rubbers and in the longer term installing pumps that will be capable of serving hundreds of villagers in the long term.

The CFK Team

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