…and the boys have it! Clean drinking water at last for the boys at Kiriwina High School.

Thanks for the kind donation. Our students have access to fresh water supply. God bless you.

ET Tops, Deputy Headmaster, Kiriwina High School

Installation completed 8.9.2019. Thank you to all our volunteers, sponsors and donors our third full installation water pump is now up and working, a constant clean source of drinking water supplied to hundreds of school kids. The plumber will now move onto installing the 4th pump at Kuluwa Village (a village close to the airport). These are all shallow well pumps and we are now sourcing deeper well water pumps, like the one we repaired in Kavataria Village, to continue this great work! Thank you so much!!! @DFAT, #DFAT, @Friendshipgrant, #Friendshipgrant, @AustraliaAid, #AustraliaAid for allowing this great work to continue.

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