Thank you Toks, without the continuing support from you and your family Caring for Kiriwina would not be the successful, smooth running professional charity that it is today.

CaringforKiriwinapartofTeamSome members of the Caring for Kiriwina Team from left: Liam, Jodi and Ralph Lawton (the co-founder) and our wonderful friend and Kiriwinan Manager Toks Bwaina

Another 50 birthing kits are winging their way to Kiriwina, they should arrive before Christmas, fingers crossed.

Merry Christmas Kiriwina!

Thank you to the Team at Caring for Kiriwina who work tirelessly to keep a constant supply of disposable Birthing Kits and Birth Certificates in production.

A special thank you to Diana, Kylie (and Tom) Adams who do such a fantastic job putting the kits together and the essential support we receive from the Yarralumla Uniting Church Canberra. THANK YOU!


Thank you Jeff Keating and jkelectrics for your wonderful gift of 30 Torches to be shared with our 100 + Mid Wives working with Caring for Kiriwina on the Island. jkelectrics  serving the Northern Beaches for over 25 years. Contact Jeff Keating, mobile: 0419 466 649


CFCTorchAnyone out there have working torches that they want to donate to the Kiriwinan village health volunteers? The Mid Wives are in desperate need of torches. PLEASE HELP!

We have been sending very simple, but effective birthing kits to the island for a number of years, and the success rate has been incredible. Infant and maternal deaths have decreased by 1/20 babies delivered per month, and we are working with local women to support them as they support birthing mothers. One of our big hurdles is the expense and difficulty of sending these kits to the island: although the kits are each quite small, as we send larger numbers the volume and weight has increased the costs. We also often have difficulty getting the kits through different points in the PNG postal system, and they can get lost or held up indefinitely. Kiriwina is a remote place! Hopefully these kits will arrive without incident.

The 500 birthing kits arrived at Port Morseby last week and should be winging their way to Kiriwina this week. Thanks again St.Vincents College, Sue Thomas and students. Sept2013birthkits

Thanks to the wonderful on going support from our donors, such as the Yarralumla Uniting Church we can expand our birthing kit distribution to surrounding villages and save towards a re-education program for the midwives. We are also working on the production of Primer books.