Pens have made it in time for the Year 8 exams…yay!

Ah, happy teachers and even happier students :). Pens arrived in time for the Year 8 exams.

The pens were distributed amongst four primary schools:

  1. Losuia Primary School
  2. Omarakana Primary School.
  3. Gusaweta Primary School
  4. Tukwaukwa Primary School.

Thanks again to all our sponsors and donors for making this possible.

Lepani handing over the pens to Losuia Primary School Teacher at Oyabia United Church before the start of grade 8 exams.
Grade 8 students of Losuia Primary School inside Oyabia United Church to sit for their second exam paper.
Omarakana Gr8 class teacher recieving the gifts of biros/pens from CFK..
Omarakana Primary School gr8 students receiving biros from CFK.
Omarakana Primary school teacher distributing pens to grade 8 students of Omarakana primary school
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