Our new CFK Village Birth Attendant recruits Uniforms are ready for dispatch to Kiriwina

Our wonderfully effective CFK Village Birth Attendants (VBA’s) numbers are growing. We are sending new uniforms over for our new recruits and some replacements for our seasoned veterans. This photo shows of some of our already 300 plus Caring for Kiriwina Village Birth Attendants. Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters and our amazing CFK Village Birth Attendants!!!

These uniforms have been made from the most sturdy of materials and embroidered to allow multiple washes with bars of soap against rocks.

The Kiriwina VBA’s provide a high standard of pregnancy care and conduct successful baby deliveries. Most baby deliveries, about 80% are conducted in the respective villages and 20% of deliveries, mostly critical and complicated deliveries are conducted at the Losuia Health Centre or referrals to Alotau General Hospital. However, the deliveries conducted at the health centre were mostly attended by the VBA’s under the supervision of the health centre mid-wives.  The mortality ratio per month is 1:50. Out of 50 deliveries per month, 1 baby dies due to complications and non- existence of life saving medical equipment at the Health Centre. We send over CFK Birth Record books and the CFK VBA’s keep records of their work.

The pregnancy rate on Kiriwina is very high. It has almost doubled from the prior years. There is no method of pregnancy control provided by the local health centre. A great assistance is required in this area to control pregnancy and we appeal to donors for assistance in providing birth control measures.

The Kiriwina VBA’s do not receive any form of allowance or salary. They provide their time and service to the community on a voluntary basis with a generous heart to save lives and promote a high standard of pregnancy care and baby delivery. CFK provides the Kiriwina VBA’s with unforms and other necessary items to encourage them to provide generous service out of a kind and loving heart and personality. 

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