Ruth Rediley Noah’s condition update…

Condition 190613:
The doctors can not do anymore. The bones can not join together and the flesh has grown in between the broken bones.

She is now on crutches and training herself to walk. She will be discharge from the hospital this Friday and fund her own way to Kiriwina.

CFK will assist Ruth to travel by plane to Kiriwina with her sister who accompany her to Alotau. Travelling by sea would be very difficult and inconvenience for Ruth.

She mention she still feels the pain from the legs, however, is trying her best cope. She will return in September to Alotau for review and if the leg does not improve, she will have her legs amputated.

Condition update 190527:

Toks contacted Ruth this morning and she informed him that the doctor on ward round this morning removed the plastic water bottles and elastic plaster from her leg due to swallon leg up to her knee. She will be informed for an x-ray sometimes this week. In the meantime she is on pain killer tablets awaiting for an x-ray.

Condition update 190524:

CFK’s in-country head spoke to Ruth yesterday and he reports that:

‘the plastic that was inserted into her leg was removed and nothing was inserted however only elastic plaster was tied around her leg. Two bottles tied to hold her legs or cause her bones to rejoin. She feels a bit better now than last week.’

Thanks to our sponsors and donors CFK has sent some funds to Ruth in Alotau to assist her. We have bought her a phone and balance of money will be used to assist her while in hospital.

‘She can sit up but not able to sit straight. The doctor that provided medical assistance to her is surgical doctors for bones and major cuts. His name is Dr James. She is given a month to stay in hospital for doctors to examine her before next cause of action is determined.’

reported Toks Bwaina

Below: Photos of Ruth in Hospital yesterday. Isn’t it wonderful when the internet connection is working.

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