Due to unforeseen circumstances our training has now been set for the end of July 2019. Very exciting.

We have just posted 40 of the new you beaut birthing kits that include, other than the usual suspects, muslin wraps, undies and reusable heavy flow menstrual pads.

Thank you to the wonderful work of our packers, Diana and Kylie Adams and the support of DFAT and our other loyal supporters. @DFAT, @FriendshipGrants, #DFAT, #FriendShipGrants

Exciting but challenging, CFK dim dim team face logistical and scheduling issues on our road to VBA training 2019. Photo from left: CFK Midwives Shea Caplice, Jacqui Andrew, CFK Co-director Doug Lawton and CFK Co-director VBA program Vanessa Palfreeman.

The headlamps were distributed on Kiriwina directly to the VBA’s at the beginning of this week and the water pump should have been fixed, we will let you know. All direct communication to the Island has been difficult for months and months due to the lack of internet connection, so we will wait patiently to receive the photos documenting these events.

Thank you DFAT and our other sponsors and supporters for allowing us to continue this essential aid program.

Thank you DFAT and the Friendship Grants team Lorraine, Kate, Gus and Helen … and now to start organising our VBA training for 2019. Yay!

Thanks Shea and Doug for joining me for the two day intensive workshops.@dfat.gov.au #FriendshipGrant#AustralianAid#AusSDGs @AusHumanitarian

We have been desperate to find a solution to the damaged water pump that serviced approx 5,000 people from the main Kiriwinan Village of Kavataria and have spoken to many organisations about possible solutions. At last we have managed to manufacture the missing part and we are now sending a Kiriwinan from the mainland, with the necessary skills, over the Kiriwina to fix the pump. Yeah!

Water pump in better times, CFK’s Mary Jonmundsson at the pump in 2017.

In an attempt to combat the rubbish issues on the Island we have started to include washable, reusable menstrual pads into the birthing kits (disposable pads only add to the rubbish problems on the Island).

One of the most effective ways we have to protect ourselves and others from illness is good personal hygiene and CFK focuses on training the VBA’s in these techniques.

Our intrepid CFK Team met this morning to discuss our years training options. (Midwife Jacqui there in spirit and rearing to go.) Go team CFK!

CFK VBA training co-director Vanessa Palfreeman, her ever supportive husband Andrew Sweeney, CFK co-director Doug Lawton and CFK Midwife trainer Shea Caplice.

This box contains birthing kits, lanterns, batteries for lanterns and headlamps, muslin wraps, acupuncture needles (for the experienced acupuncturist on the Island), Panamax and infant Panadol handed personally from CFK to the medical staff at Losuia Health Care Centre. Still no medicines on the Island 🙁 .


Another box of VBA supplies on their way to Kiriwina thanks to our wonderful Birthing Kit packers, Diana and Kylie Adams and all our fabulous donors. Thank you from the Caring for Kiriwina Team.

Photos of our head VBA’s, representing each circuit on Kiriwina, meeting on Saturday 22 Dec 2018 at Kavataria Village.

We have just been informed that the headlamps have finally been released by Customs without extra fees being charged and will shortly be winging their way to Kiriwina. Yay!

Sadly the internet connection is down again and the Losuia Health Centre, and the entire Island is still without a doctor and also now without of basic drugs with the sick people being told to return to their villages.