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December 2019


One of our beautiful VBA attendees Edie Moses from Gumilababa at the CFK Birth Attendant Training in September 2019.

After the Kiriwina High School had to be closed for several weeks due to water shortages, CFK AusAid came to the rescue and installed water pumps to the High School to ensure a more reliable source of potable water for students and teachers alike.  We also installed three other water pumps across the Island and repaired three others.

CFK completed our third successful Village Birth Attendant Training in September, which included a small group intensive training program, followed by two days where 210 participants attended. PNG women are 33 more times likely to die in childbirth than those in developed countries, and our aim is to improve this terrible statistic.

We have managed to extend our help and provide much needed school equipment to several schools on the Island. The final year exams could not have been completed without CFK providing hundreds of pens and other essential school equipment.

We help save the lives of the women and children on Kiriwina

Caring for Kiriwina/ PNG AusAid VBA Training group, Oyabia Station, Kiriwina, September 2019.



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