GREAT NEWS!!!: Due to the efforts of our CFK donors and our in-country manager Toks there has been a fabulous harvest this year despite the village gardens being destroyed in October 2022.

Now this bumper crop has created a surplus food that will be stored away for future use. The yam harvest celebration will be in mid July.

Congratulations! goes to the winner of the Kavataria Food Security Program gardening competition: Photo above of the biggest heap of yams, over six arm spans in featured photo.

A total of 207 gardeners and only the first 10 top yams heaps were photographed. Yams heaps ranging from 6 arm spans (length of two arms) to 1 arm span and including yams gathered and not heaped in the coned form.

The CFK donors have assisted the food security program in providing uniforms for the Food Security Committee members and also assisted our In Country Manager, Mr Toks Bwaina to pay for seeds and assist in travel costs to and from Kiriwina to ensure the program is running smoothly. 

Mr Toks Bwaina has been the major sponsor of the Food Security Program over the last 8 years to ensure there is abundance of local food production in the community and encourage people to work their gardens as the main source of food supply.

With less monetary income earned to support their everyday living, the people rely on the local food grown and produced from the gardens through subsistence farming to alleviate poverty and food shortages.

Yam heap winners in descending order, from 1st to 10th prize winner.

Slide show of the members of the Kavataria Food Security leadership team and their new uniforms.

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