Thanking a P&O passenger for her generous donation and asking an ongoing question to P&O…

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Nicole, a generous P&O passenger, for reaching out to our charity devoted to improving the lives of the Kiriwinan people. Below are some photos from her trip that deeply touched her heart.

Additionally, we have a question for P&O that has been emailed directly to them and we are awaiting a reply.

Delivery of our life-saving donations to Kiriwina has become more difficult since flights to the area have been suspended. We are now forced to take extreme measures to ensure our birthing and dignity kits reach their intended recipients, resulting in delays, added expenses, and uncertainty. We have been requesting support from P&O Cruises for over 11 years, as they visit Kiriwina eight times a year and can transport a few boxes of these essential items during their trips. Despite their claims of supporting other charities on the island, the recent surge in births on Kiriwina – with 20,000 more people than four years ago – means that many more birthing kits are needed. We work closely with the Islanders, the Milne Bay Provincial Health Authority, and the Education Department to provide our programs and donations. We urge P&O to reconsider their refusal to assist in delivering these vital supplies to Kiriwinan women during their cruise ship visits. P&O needs to contribute to the community’s wellbeing.”

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